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The perceptible and classifiable properties are perceived through the five senses. The five human senses correspond to the five fundamental elements called Panch Mahabhutas, are present in every substance in different proportions and forms of expressions.

What is special about the Indian way of looking at things, however, is that it makes no bones about assuming a direct, physical relationship between man and the Universe. There are five senses and five perceptible 'building blocks of being.' Three properties of the matter principle are applied to the thought life, Rajas becomes the quality of doubt, Tamas becomes error or delusion and Sattwa becomes probability.

Any disturbance of the unstable equilibrium of the three basic properties of the matter principle sparks off a chain reaction bringing about manifestations of Buddhi, Ahankara and Manas, three psychic qualities. Buddhi is the intellect, Ahankara the ego, and Manas the mind or spirit. The five human senses- smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing- answer to the five elements of perception : scent, flavour, form and colour, consistency (parpability) and sound. The five executive organ are the hands, feet, genitals, anus and tongue. The five primal elements, the Panch Mahabhutas or the fundamental building blocks of being are earth, water, fire, air and ether (Prithvi, Jala, Tejas, Vayu, Akash). Tamas gives rise to the element earth; Tamas and the psychic quality, Sattwa give rise to the element water; then again, Sattwa and the dynamically acting fundamental quality known as Rajas give rise to fire; the element air is brought into being by Rajas and finally, the element ether is brought into being by Sattwa.

The harmony of the macrocosm has its counterpart in the microcosm in man. From this point of view, Ayurveda is a theory of harmony. Only living matter has the Tridoshas or basic principles, Pitta, Kapha and Vata, the three forces regulating all biological processes. They always work as a team and one never appears without the others. AYURVEDIC TREATMENT : Ayurveda scorns the treatment of superficial symptoms and endeavours to bring about a radical cure by the pacification of an excessively excited Dosha. The preferred aim of Ayurveda is to create conditions in which morbific agents can no longer multiply.

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