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Our Products
Apoliv Capsules & Syrup
For disfunction of Lever

Ayuslim Capsules
Useful in Obesity

Ayutone Capsules & Syrup

General Iron Tonic

Ayutone Graneules

General Tonic

Bronkocare Capsules

For Asthama

Cardiocare Capsules

Cardio Protective

Coldcare Capsules

For Cold, Flue and Cough

Dermatic Capsules,Oil & Syrup

Blood Purifier

Digol Capsules

For Acidity & Indigetion

Diarrhol Capsules & Syrup

For Diarrhoea & Dysentery

E-10 Capsules

Haematinic Tonic

Fairskin Capsules

For Pimples & Black Capsules

Hemocare Capsules

Keshayu Capsules & Hairoil
For Hair Protection

Naynamrit Capsules

For Eye Protection

Normolax Capsules

For Hypertension

Osteocare Capsules

For Muscular-Skeletal Disorders

Proctocare Capsules & Oil

For Piles & Fissure

Relax Capsules

For Constipation

Shilajit Capsules

General Vitality Tonic

Smritida Capsules

Brain Tonic for all Age

Stonol Syrup

For Urinary Calculi or Stones

Sugoless Capsules

Control Sugar in Blood, Urine

Uterocare Capsules & Syrup

For Leukorrhoea, Menorrhagia

Vimcare Gold Capsules & Oil

For Hair Vim, Vigour & Vitality
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